Throughout training, advancements are introduced to higher degree challenges at a comfortable and age appropriate pace. Each level in the program inspires lifelong skills and encourages students at striving to become their personal best.


Ninjas: Ages 5-8

Classes are designed with high energy, enthusiasm, and endless inspiration of respect. While kids are ecstatic wanting to become power heroes, youngsters are learning simple and beginning stages of life skills that will help assist them in effective learning at school, improve coordination for athletic activities, build greater confidence to stand up and be bully free. Children are motivated by fun drills and activities that promote good sportsmanship, teamwork and perseverance with a “yes I can attitude.”

Youth: Ages 9-14

Youth students are encouraged to train and attain goals set forth, while learning values of self accomplishment with a “yes I can attitude.” The curriculum exercises both the right and left sides of the hands and legs to develop greater coordination, enhance mental strength, and create a greater edge for other sports and activities. Youth groups also acquire a sense of leadership qualities by building confidence and the perseverance to succeed when faced with tough challenges in school, complexities found in peer pressure, organized clubs, or sport groups. Classes are formatted with high energy, excitement and continuous inspiration to Become a Champion in Life.

Adults: Ages 14+

While many of us may not have the time or desire to train at becoming a UFC fighter or World Martial Arts Champion, why not get in the same great shape?