At All Star Karate Center, members learn a safe and practical way to defend themselves. Our classes incorporate total body fitness with informative and professional instruction held in a state of the art facility. Attain benefits such as muscle toning, building strength, flexibility and increasing stamina while learning a mix of easy to learn martial arts disciplines.

Our high-energy program creates a stress-relieving atmosphere, allowing students to progress at their own pace. Enjoy an exciting, new journey where ultimate health and fitness are everyone’s goals!


While the physical movements of martial arts will teach your children self defense and enhance their coordination, you will also see growth in their focus, concentration and respect for others. Martial arts will give your child a strong sense of confidence and develop the discipline to never misuse their skills. While learning and developing in each of these important areas, your child will be in a positive environment, setting and meeting goals, and having lots of fun achieving them!

Self-Defense & Confidence


Focus & Concentration




Rave Reviews

The staff here is truly amazing. They keep the kids confidence up, teach about respect, and motivate them with positivity.

Carla S.

All Star Karate Center is the best Martial Arts studio in Northern California. Mr. and Mrs. Kane and the instructors are positive role models and create World class champions. My twins have taken classes since they were five years old and are better people, academic students and community role models under the guidance of Mr. and Mrs. Kane.

Alissa M.

World-class mixed martial arts training center –one of the best jewels in Redwood City. The Kane family and the world-class instructors are amazing.

Jane L.

All Star Karate is the real deal. If you want to be a part of something that is truly great and encompasses sportsmanship, teamwork, a strong work ethic, humility, perseverance, development of one’s confidence and self-esteem, coupled with enthusiasm, then you have found your place.

Amy S.

I cannot emphasize enough how positive All Star Karate is. My children have been attending for 5 years and have learned teamwork, strong work ethics, character, perseverance, and the ability to believe in themselves. This has been by far the most comprehensive sport my children have ever participated in. It is not punitive but wholly encouraging and develops self-esteem and the yearning to achieve. I am an adult and I participate too with many other adults. Come and see for yourself what you and your family have been missing! There are siblings and parents and children that attend and have so for many years. Hi-ya!!

Amy P.

All Star instructors are simply terrific! ?This is a studio that teaches integrity, discipline, honesty, commitment, teamwork and tenacity. ?Invaluable real-world life lessons. No such thing as entitlement taught here. ?You are taught to work hard to achieve your goals. ?The high energy, safe and warm environment have kept families here for years. ?Feels like family. ?Thanks to the owners and instructors for teaching and living by example.



In today’s society it has become more important to be in good shape and learn self defense. Our martial arts program supports this fact. We teach a proven scientific and practical way to defend yourself utilizing leverage, balance and knowledge. Throughout your training, classes are informative, energetic and motivating. With our modernized teaching methods you will develop in strength and flexibility, become more healthy and physically fit. You will also find relief from stress and tension by setting your mind away from your daily routines, focusing quality time on yourself. The results are non comparable! As a martial arts practitioner, your confidence and self esteem become higher as your skills continue to enhance, building to greater levels. We truly believe martial arts is a safe and healthy way of life!